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Quick update from the land of Juli and her mom!

Today we had oatbran again (mmm) then we went on a tough five mile hike. It was awesome to spend time with my mom and in such a beautiful place. We then came back and I worked while she cleaned my entire apartment! Granted it’s teensy, but still, I am so grateful.

We then went to lunch at this great high-end Whole-Foods-esque market for lunch. I noshed on a Sesame Tofu and grilled veggie salad while she had a turkey, avocado, and tomato baguette.


Hi Mom! She thought she had stuff in her teeth...

Hi Mom! She thought she had stuff in her teeth...

Then we shopped in the market and we each got treats.

Her treats-

KIND bars and Luna White Chocolate Macadamia!

KIND bars and Luna White Chocolate Macadamia!

She loves the KIND bars and the Luna bars. In her words, when she tried the Luna, “Oh no. This is too good.” Hehehe.

My treats (I AM SO EXCITED!)-


This place had Mighty Maple and Bees Knees! I want to try them now but I’m waiting since I had an even better treat coming up. I also was psyched to find a Peanut Butter Chocolate Luna cookie! Didn’t even know they existed.

Then- we got US a treat!

Sprinkles Cupcakes!

Sprinkles Cupcakes!

Sprinkles cupcakes! Clockwise from bottom left: Black and White, Red Velvet, and Cinnamon Sugar. My mom loves cupcakes and couldn’t pick one- so we decided to have a sampler 🙂 So good for the soul! (Sadly not vegan for my vegan friends out there…but maybe the flavors will provide inspiration, hehe, for say, a cupcake blondie? 😉 )

Now to crank out some work! Hope your day is as filled with treats as mine has been!

Which flavor cupcake should we try first? What is your favorite type of cupcake?


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I am not sure I slept a wink last night 😦 But I woke up ready for some Jillian Michael’s Level 2. Since I was pretty hungry I started with this snack:


But, y’all… it does NOT look like a cookie! What cookie is SQUARE?


That’s okay, though. It’s thinking outside the circle. Plus it was delicious and carried me through Jillian Michaels Level 2, mile run, 30 minutes elliptical, and a computer crash. A+ Luna.

I also booked a ticket to go visit my sister in Seattle in April! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

After all this I decided to make a Lean Green Fighting Machine Smoothie.

In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup chopped kale
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 T ground flax
  • 1/2 scoop protein powder
  • 1 cup Silk Plain Soy Milk

And the most amazing addition:

  • 1 T Dark Chocolate Dreams PB

Can’t say I wasn’t a little scared about the mix, but I LOVED it!!!


I could really taste the DCD PB! It was absolutely wonderful.

Green Monster Smoothie- A+.

For lunch I’m planning on getting my cereal and greek yogurt fix in for the day. Yippee!

Question of the Day: What trip do you have coming up that you are super excited about?

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Morning sunshines!

Since I was out of town from Friday afternoon until last last night, I have no groceries. I will just have to scrounge around for food all week, which sounds like an interesting challenge. Luckily, I have plenty just enough PB to get me through.

There was a tie between Cinnamin Sugar and Dark Chocolate. So I had my official tie breaker come in and select a winner.


His final vote went to…




I was so excited to try it in my morning Oats:


1/3 cup oat bran, 1/3 cup soy milk, 1/3 cup water, 1/2 banana, packet stevia, cinnamin, scoop of Dark Chocolate Dreams (DCD).

First impression: tastes like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (i.e. delicious!). I can’t wait to try this with other dishes this week!

This weekend I also came home with a gigantic and wonderful prize:


A huge tub from Costco: Kirkland’s Organic Peanut Butter. YAY! I ate this over the weekend, and really enjoyed it- especially on my PB & J sandwiches.

I’m off to do some yoga for the 31-Day Challenge! Have a great day everyone!

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite thing to buy at Costco?

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Hey readers!

At the bottom of this post is a poll about what PB I should try next! Please vote! Otherwise I’ll be forced to choose (yikes)… and sad that nobody voted 😦 Help a sistah out and tell her which one she should get creative with!

As a former vegetarian, current health food lover, and sufferer of food allergies (almonds, cashews, pistachios) I generally dread not being able to plan ahead each meal… or maybe I’m just really Type A. Anyway, this weekend is going to be five meals where I have very little control over what I eat and will probably be things I don’t like (pasta, white breads, candy). I hate feeling hungry so I nabbed some snackies to bring with me…

Clif Maple Nut bar and GoLean Oatmeal Walnot ROLL!

Clif Maple Nut bar and GoLean Oatmeal Walnot ROLL!

Almond-free 18 Rabbits

Almond-free 18 Rabbits

I’ve never tried any of these, but I’m really excited to do so. I keep telling myself to wait until the weekend though 🙂

For dinner tonight I decided to lay off the carbs I’ve been eating in my sleepy state and used a recipe my BFF Lisa Pisa sent me: Veggie Loafs. I mixed 3 boca burgers, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup oatmeal, Thyme, Salt, Pepper, Carrots, Sweet Peppers, and Spinach. Instead of making it into a loaf (my loaf pan is in storage while I’m in school), I made them into Veggie Rolls! Nom nom nom. I baked them for about 30 minutes at 375. It made about 4.5 Rolls. When I ate mine, as a part Pacific Northwesterner and part Southern girl, I made sure to top it off with Organic (the PacNW) Ketchup (the South). MMMMMMMMMMM!

Here are my little beauties:

Fresh Out the Oven

Fresh Out the Oven



I tried to make smiley faces with the ketchup... didn't really work out as planned...

I tried to make smiley faces with the ketchup... didn't really work out as planned...

THESE WERE SO EASY AND DELISH! I would definitely serve them with a side salad and mashed potatoes. Yum yum yum. Thanks for the inspiration Pisa!!!

NOW ! My poll!

I have seen several bloggettes use this PB and I was intrigued drooling. My sister even recommended them to me. Which of these three should I try?

Who will the lucky winner be?

Who will the lucky winner be?

Dark Chocolate Dreams? White Chocolate Wonderful? Or Cinnamon Raisin Swirl? The answer lies in your hands…

Leave a comment with your vote! Pretty please 🙂

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Better N Peanut Butter Review

As many of you have been anxiously awaiting my Better N Peanut Butter Review, I’m sure you are hap-hap-happy to know that RESULTS ARE IN!

Here are some of my BnPB creations:

  • BnPB from the spoon
  • BnPB with carob chips
  • BnPB and pumpkin sandwich
  • BnPB and banana sandwich
  • Cocoa oats + T of BnPB
  • BnPB crackers
  • BnPB Breakfast cookie
  • BnPB & Jelly Sandwich

BnPB is sweet. It is not salty, crunchy, or peanutty. It is gooey, runny, and seems artificial (even though it isn’t). After a while I started dreading having to eat it instead of peanut butter. With that said, it worked best when paired with salty things, such as ak mak crackers. The BnPB & Jelly Sandwich was not to my liking- too sweet. I needed some salty.

  1. Appearance: Looked a little scary as it was runny and a light brown. 0 points
  2. Smell: Smelled vaguely of peanut butter- but didn’t make me want to jump into the jar. 0 points
  3. Ingredients: Too many ingredients! Probably would misspell or mispronounce several of them. 0 points
  4. Taste: For my liking it was too sweet and occasionally had a tart aftertaste. 0 points
  5. Spreadability: Very easy to spread! Loved this- went well in my Breakfast cookie! 1 point
  6. Texture: Runny and creamy. I liked the texture. 1 point.
  7. Compatability: It only complements other flavors if the flavors are salty. But in this case, it tastes great! 1/2 point
  8. Satiating: I wish it had more fat! It kept me, but not like it’s brother, PB. 1/2 point
  9. Price: At about $3 a jar, it’s a little out of my budget, especially when I can get TJ’s PB for less than $2. 0 points
  10. PB & Juli Likeability: Me no likey. 0 points

Total: 3/10

I am sure for people who are really watching calories or fat that this is a great product- especially if they like creamy and sweet foods. Since I need my fat and I love the saltiness of PB combined with a sweet friend, it was not my cup of tea jar of PB. And I can handle PB that is chocolate or sweetened otherwise because it maintains the original peanut taste and salt. I truly enjoyed it with crackers and with my breakfast cookie, but otherwise I didn’t look forward to it. Another consideration is that this was the low-sodium variety. Perhaps the original has the peanutty taste that it needed.

Question: Have you tried Better N Peanut Butter? What did you think? Why do you like/dislike it?

PS I can’t WAIT for my next PB test! Stay tuned- I’m going to ask for your votes! And once I get the results I’m going to scoop my spoon in and take a HUGE bite of fatty goodness.

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Survey Says…

Hello lil bloggie buddies!

Just want to want to send a warm welcome to the faces I’ve seen around here and a thank you for checking me out! Feel free to comment or email with any suggestions, comments, etc. Today I came home from a long day of classes and found this on my door:



Hey, it may or may not have been left by my boyfriend, but dude, there are two great things about this:

  2. and LIKES LOVES it 🙂
  3. And someone loves me 🙂


Even though, assuming it was my magnificent boyfriend, by contract of our relationship, he pretty much has to do all three of those things … mwahwhahaha. (LOVE YOU LEMUR!)

Anyway, speaking of my long day, you are all probably biting at the bit to know all about my Better N Peanut Butter Cracker snack and how they held Ms. PBJ through class…


Here was my lil snackarooski of a T Better N Peanut Butter on ak mak crackers (I had another one, it just didn’t make the photo). Did it hold me? Not as long as regular PB (which isn’t surprising given the lower fat content), BUT it was the best BnPB combination I’ve tried. Since BnPB is relatively sweet, the combo with something purely salty really helped it along. Also, I was able to peel the cracker sandwich apart and PB was smothered on both crackers! Something I LOVE! I hate pulling apart PB crackers and having one PB-licious and the other lonely. This way I get to enjoy my peanut butter for twice as long 🙂

In other, related, news, if you are a PB-lova like me and would like to try some PB2, you can enter a contest to celebrate LoveofOats (also, clearly Love of PB) here. Except I’ll forgive you if you don’t enter the contest, because I want to WIIIN so I can review it 🙂 Hehehe.

Today for a snicketysnackety I had 1/2 cup pumpkin, 1/2 scoop protein powder, packet of stevia, lots of pumpkin pie spice, and carob chips. YumyumYUM! Felt like I was eating pumpkin pie!! Here is the lil’ beaut:

What would make this dish even more delish? PB!

What would make this dish even more delish? PB!

I have an insane Wednesday coming up, so I plan to try a breakfast cookie ala Fitnessista. I also want to absorb what she is doing for Lent into my plans. I am giving up gossip blogs (I’ll miss you Perez!), and planned on spending quiet time everyday connecting myself with God. I also want to try intuitive eating and be sure to appreciate every bite of the food I am lucky enough to eat and what it does for my body. I want to appreciate the body God has given me and respect it, especially by focusing on what it needs and doesn’t need. Let’s see how it goes!

Question: Do you usually give up or add something during Lent?

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I am SORE from P90x Yoga yesterday. Holy moly. I just did this workout and it was phenomenal (thank you FitnessNYC)! I adapted it a little bit- I jogged the recovery minutes and put it on an incline, but I covered 4.75 miles in 45 minutes. Not too shabby!

I’m now sitting down to work with a fantastic cup of Nutella coffee (inspired by Heather and Bender).

Yes, please.

Yes, please.

It’s a cup of coffee, a scoop of Ghiradelli unsweetened cocoa powder, packet of TJ’s stevia, and Silk Hazelnut creamer. I look forward to it every day. Since I started drinking coffee every morning, I now sleep like a baby every night. I used to get up 3-4 times, but now I sleep like a rock. Any thoughts as to why this is happening? I’m not complaining 🙂 I lo’ it!

Today I have five consecutive hours of class, so I will be able to put Better N’ Peanut Butter to the test. Usually as a snack to power me through classes I have peanut butter on crackers and it can hold me over three hours. Today I’ll do the same, but with BnPB. I must admit, I’m not looking forward to eating it- which is probably a sign to where my review is going. For breakfast I had a huge bowl of cereal, because I simply didn’t want my oats with BnPB. Sad. Although, I will say Puffins are delicious!!!! I am so glad I discovered these lil nuggets of yumminess.

I didn't even lick the spoon after making these...

I didn't even lick the spoon after making these...

So tonight the world shall know- did BnPB on crackers satiate PBJuli through 5 grueling hours of class?

Question of the day:

What is your favorite snack to carry you through a long day?

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