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Hey there bloggies,

First of all, big congrats and thanks to Meghann for pulling of a fabulous bakesale! I am so excited my cookies went for $50!

As for Affectionate April, it was really tough for a few days, but I feel I have turned a corner. It seems as though it is becoming more natural to listen to my hunger (it’s shocking how much less frequently I am eating) and to trust that when I do get hungry I can eat WHATEVER I want– as long as I stop when I am full. I’ve really been getting better at that, which is fun to see.

Case in point- yesterday I had a divine tomato-mozzarrella-basil panini, I was full after half… so I stopped. Even though the taste was fantastic, I was satiated. Normally I may have reached to a bar or fruit, but in that moment it hit the spot and kept me full for 3 hours. So fabulous.

I feel more relaxed and free– knowing I can do what I want, eat what I want, and do them when I want. I am learning to trust I won’t get fat and slow. In fact, I am feeling lighter– although I don’t know if this is psychological or physical– no weighing!

Have a great humpday everyone- I can’t wait to show you a new amazing powersnack I have found! It kept me full yesterday for hours– and it’s definitely similar to the mystery food photo 🙂

Do you allow yourself to indulge? Do you find it easier or more difficult to stop when you are full?

Daily Joy: Seeing my sister day after tomorrow!!


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Hey there blog world,

Big thanks to everyone for the kind words of support, understanding, and love. Really helps. This weekend I went out dancing, went to my boyfriend’s houseboat for early Easter, and had a Indian buffet for new admits into my Ed program.

During all these events I tried to stay centered and focus on my body. Some challenges:

  1. Stopping at the right amount of “full” and not having “just one more taste”
  2. I am a MAJOR grazer in the kitchen
  3. I notice when I start to feel out of control, I want to count calories, go workout, etc.

I did my best, but seriously need to work on the first and second items. Also, I tried really hard on #3, but I think working on items 1 and 2 will help impact the last. Anyone else struggle with these things? I am eating more slowly, concentrating on taste, picking my favorite items and sticking to them, and not overdoing exercise.

Speaking of exercise- I LOVE TO BIKE! It’s my new found joy. Yesterday I went mountain biking for the first time— it was pretty scary, especially going down a steep, narrow, rocky path, but I just had to trust myself, focus, let go, and do it. In short that is what I am trying to do now- trust in myself and the future, focus on what needs to happen NOW, let go of worry/fear/doubt, and do what I need to do right now.

Here is a picture of my absolute favorite California eat that I have found in local coffee shops in the area my friend and I are trying to recreate in the near future:


Anyone know what this is? Any guesses? I can eat one in the morning and stay full for HOURS. Plus it takes awhile to eat it is so incredibly dense. I’ll reveal this California creation later when I try to recreate it!

How are you honoring yourself today?

Daily Joy- Meeting new admits into the program who are dedicated to improving education.

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Wow… this is tough! It’s amazing the things that pop into my head. I struggle so hard not to count calories, to not over-do it, to workout to counteract a bad eating decision. I’m trying though. I’m trying to be kind and listen to my eating needs. Luckily it’s early in the month, and hopefully I can continue to honor myself. I want to continue to listen to what my body is saying.

My goals for the weekend are:

  1. To eat slowly and savor my fuel.
  2. To exercise for joy, not for punishment.

Let’s go! Nevertheless, instead of focusing on what’s tough, I want to celebrate what I have done well:

  1. Not counting calories
  2. Not exercising twice in a day
  3. Listening and honoring my hunger needs (90% of the time) whether to say “Yes” or “No” to food

It is not easy. But I am trying. Thanks for the words of encouragement— I need it. Sometimes I think I am weird for how I punish/push myself, so it’s nice to hear I’m not alone.

In other news, Meghann is having a Blogger Bakesale on Monday. I am making my famous chocolate chip cookies- so bid on it! The proceeds go to a great cause. Here is a pic of them (you’re welcome Sister 😉 )

You know you want some!

You know you want some!

How are your Affectionate Aprils going? How are you honoring yourself?

Daily Joy: Morning bikeride with a friend.

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Wrote this yesterday, apparently forgot to hit “publish”– OOPS!


Today I did not:

  1. Run myself into the ground
  2. Count calories
  3. Feel guilty for anything I did or ate
  4. Take pics of my food- I want to focus on just listening to my body first

Today I did:

  1. Listen to my body’s physical needs (Yoga)
  2. Listen to my body’s nourishment needs (Eating what I wanted, stopping when full)

I feel great today- more energized and in a happier place- and it’s just day 1! I am excited to continue this and write more on what it’s like to…LET GO and care for my body in a loving, affectionate, gentle way.

Tomorrow I have lots of class, free lunch (always interesting), and a slow run with a friend.

How were you affectionate with yourself today?

Daily Joy: “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat (yes… it only took 3.5 years, but Lemur and I FINALLY have a song [blushing])

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So for April I am making a challenge for myself following the two words gentle and forgiving.

I have been stressed out of my mind recently, and my body is starting to shut down. Usually this is when I push through and hurt myself, but instead I am giving myself a “challenge” of a different sort. I usually do several things: obsessively watch what I eat, workout too much, and eat too much then get upset about it.

  1. No calorie counting
  2. ONE workout a day/hour max (1.5 hr for yoga).
  3. I can eat anything I want… in moderation and remembering my diet is a bank account (i.e. not peanut butter for every meal)

So here is to the gentle and forgiving month of April– the Affectionate April challenge.

So… tomorrow morning I will begin the Affectionate April challenge…

Anyone with me? What does it look like to be gentle and forgiving with yourself?

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