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Run and Ratatat(oille)

Today was a beautiful day in DCizzle– 70 and sunny! My boyfriend had been asking to go on my favorite long run in the city (appx 6+ miles), so off we went. I had him carry the camera to document this awesome run from Woodley Park down and around the monuments.

We started in beautiful Woodley Park, by the zoo, but took no pics as we were busy hurdling strollers, tourists, and small children (my boyfriend literally hurdled a small boy–unsuccessfully– wish I had that on camera for sure!)

After about 2 miles we got to the National Mall:


Hello beautiful pond

We headed west until we hit Honest Abe:

let's put our hands up for Lincoln

And then we ran around the Reflecting Pool:


My goodness I'm speedy

Yes, tourists were laughing at this picture… but I had my Boo with me, so I needed to take advantage of the situation. Besides my fab form, look at that view!! BALLER!!

Then we ran towards the somewhat ph@llic monument:

The most random looking monument ever

OOo other runners. I love seeing other runners in tourist locations– we always share a look like, “man these tourists are CRAY-CRAY, but we’re badass, have a nice day!” I love the secret runners club looks. *Swoon*

We kept going past the museums toward the Capitol Building, where I really need them to fix our Educational System, k thanks.


Arne DOOOO something

Great Frisbee form, btws. Should have told him that in the mo’.

We ran up into China town, but no pics because boytoy was a little ready for the run to end.

One of my favorite parts of running in the city is that I can run to a place and then metro home. It’s awesome and makes it possible to run through so much of the city without worrying too much about mileage (I’m trying to keep it low, low, low cuz I *heart* my knees). We metro-ed back up to my neighborhood:


Hello, glutes. Get to work.

And walked the quarter-mile back home:


The shadow is hiding his exasperation with me and the camera

We got back and were capital-R READY for some Green Monsters!

Here was what I put in mine:

1 cup filtered water (not that exciting to photograph)

1 very ripe banana (so ripe, in fact, nobody needs to see it)


You probably can’t tell, but it’s AmazingGrass GreensSuperFood… love how it tastes and all the good things packed in it!


LOVE this stuff!

1 cup Unsweetened Ricemilk — this is my go to milk now– since I can’t have almond breeze (thanks almond allergy), this is a nice low-cal, low-sugar, non-dairy option! Thanks Whole Foods!


This was so refreshing! Might be one of my favorite combos yet!

I didn’t get hungry for dinner for a while (thanks to major snackage), but once I did I had an awesome dinner from things I needed to use up with a new ingredient:

-1/4 cup Leftover Quinoa

-1/2 cup Roasted Chickpeas (@450 for about 6 minutes)

-left over spinach (~ 1/2 cup cooked)

And my new discovery at Trader Joe’s:


Nice to meet you

I used about a quarter cup.

It was DELICIOUS and so filling! I would recommend this for a quick dinner any evening. In fact, I’ll probs have it tomorrow!



And that’s all I’ve got– time for tea and reading! Have a great week everyone!



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