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Sorry I’ve been so delinquent, but I’ve been running around in midterms trying to get work done and eek out special time with my main squeeze before he heads to India for 5 weeks! SO EXCITING!

Anyway, thanks for your fabulous feedback on my last post. I know have my final detox and workout plan formulated:


  • Food will be as minimally processed as possible
  • Such as: oats, almond milk, veggies, fruit, hummus, nut butters, etc.
  • Bye bye to: soy products (except my beloved tofu), milk products, fake sweeteners, and HFCS


  • Alternating Cardio and strength days as much as possible with an hour/day when possible
  • Try to do abs 4 days a week (hey people, it’s almost swimsuit season)
  • Take a day off a week (this is always really hard for me to do)

How does that sound? Manageable? It sounds good to me, and allows me relative flexibility.  I also have been eating fruit and egg whites in the morning and I feel GREAT all morning.  Due to this I’m psyched to try to keep this all day… let’s see how I manage 🙂

Starting Friday I’ll start posting how my Winter Detox is going 🙂 Get excited people!!!


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