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Since last May I have had a very on-and-off relationship with my blog.  I believe that this carries over to my relationship with food.  My time with my blog is also my time to reflect and enjoy being healthy– from exercise to food to serenity.

Beginning March 1st I decided it was time to start again. I needed to reset my body once and for all to truly find my balance that was now missing. I needed to go back to what makes me feel good. This means I cut out dairy, gluten, corn, citrus, wheat (basically the elimination diet) until March 26th. I am having a ton of green juice and green monsters. For the past two weeks I am slowly beginning to crave the foods I once did and feel a balance and energy in my body that was once missing.  If it’s green- I want to eat it. If it has health benefits- I’m all about it. Coming my way? Maca, cocoa butter, and chia seeds.  I am so excited to start this journey of clean eating and I am excited to share it with you all.

Here’s to this new journey!


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