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Began the day with 90 minutes of P90X Yoga. What a tough workout! Luckily I had my boyfriend, Lemur (not his real name, although it would be a tight name), help me with the plough.

After working pretty hard, I was ready for some breakfast. I combined 1/2 c oat bran, 1/2 small banana, 1 1/4 c water, stevia, 1 T cocoa powder, and 1 T BnPB to create this masterpiece:


Here you can see the Better N Peanut Butter. It added a nice taste and a tablespoon went a long way. The consistency is not like the natural peanut butter I am used to, nor does it fill my stomach like I would hope, so after I ate this bowl I had to have a spoonful of natural peanut butter.

So far I am luke warm on Better N’ Peanut butter, but I won’t reveal my final thoughts until FRIDAAAAAAAAAAY (just more of a reason for all of us to look forward to then 🙂 )

I also picked up some goodies from Whole Foods I cannot wait to try:


Groun flaxseed, Peanut Butter Puffins, Kashi 7 Grain Puffs, Galaxy Granola (no nuts!), and Vanilla Soy Protein Powder. Lemur was so patient with me as I roamed the aisles of Whole Foods. I adore that place- just wish I could afford it on a regular basis! I can’t wait to try these foods- anyone have opinions on them??

Have a great day!

Question of the Day: How do you like the consistency of your peanut butter (smooth, sticky, crunchy, etc)?


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A New Beginning

I’ve kept a blog before, but it was a travel blog mainly for the close friends who were far away. After reading some inspiring blogs on the web about nutrition, I’ve decided to give it a shot. So, I’m now creating a blog for myself, and for others, to document my new attempt to eat healthy, natural foods and see how it impacts my body and mind. Like most women, I have struggled to have a healthy relationship with food. Now that I am on the cusp of a quarter-century, I have decided to reframe my approach to food. Before, I was all or nothing. I would restrict myself and punish myself in workouts. I did neither for the benefits of my body.

Now I am interested in exercising to take care of my body and soul. I desire to eat foods that nourish me and that, most importantly, I love. Peanut butter epitomizes this- I tried to keep myself from eating it, even though I loved it. I am learning that actually by incorporating it into my diet, I feel happier, healthier, and have less cravings.

Other foods I love: whole grains (bread and oats), fruits, stir fries, and yogurt. I’m not a huge fan of proteins, but I try to get at least 70 grams a day, mostly through soy and milk products, although occasionally I have meat.

So here I go… the start of a healthy lifestyle… accepting the perfect duo that is: Peanut Butter and Juli.

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