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Yes, ’tis true- I’m blogging from the library and PROUD OF IT! I have so much work to do in the next few days (the quarter system is crazy people!) that it has been hard to find time to blog. However, I am sure you didn’t miss me.

Last night I got out all my eats for today including pre-10k snack, post-10k protein-hearthealthyoat-packed Fitnessista breakfast cookie (wanted something filling, yet cold while I was a sweaty mess), snacks, and lunch. I have dinner planned between my late classes tonight.

For you visual people here are my eats (pardon the 5 am photography):

Wow, great photography skillz, Juli

Wow, great photography skillz, Juli

A PB (mmmmm!) Chocolate Luna Cookie. It was no Mint Chocolate, like lovely Heather enjoys (and I think is my favorite too), but with PB in it- I was a fan. I also downed some coffee, but I was so groggy I don’t even remember drinking it. I live in a studio so my coffee maker is my alarm. I’m worried someday I’ll just drink it out of the coffee pot…

I ran with my friend. We wanted to do about six. Both of us were exhausted, but she has a Garmin Nuvi and that thing is the BOMB! It was so encouraging to know how far we had gone. Anyone have one? Are you happy with it? After my 6.23 miler I chugged a HUGE sigg of h2o and slowly ate this MASSIVE bfast cookie (3/4 cup oats, T DCD dreams PB [review coming soon!], 1 scoop Whole Foods Soy Protein Powder, 1/2 banana, stevia, 1/4 c light soy milk):

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

May not look big, but boy, that sucker’s got depth. I barely ate it all! But I consider myself a breakfast champion and know how to put it away with the best of them..(it may have taken me a solid 40 minutes to eat though…)

And snacks:


Cinnamon Raisin PB in 1/2 Ezekiel Pita (yep! That’s my next review!)

Because 7 hours in the library and 7 hours of class deserves a treat

Because 7 hours in the library and 7 hours of class deserves a treat

A treat for me! I plan to eat this between my 7 hours of library and 7 hours of class. Sigh.


Weird for two reasons

Weird for two reasons

1. Those are in deed KALE CHIPS!!!

2. Yes I plan on cooking the burger before I eat it. But they expire today. Thoughts on it still being good tomorrow? I don’t know if I can eat two in one day!

Me gusta Kombucha

Me gusta Kombucha

I know some of you dislike Kombucha. I really enjoy it… but then again, I think I get a weird buzz from it… anyone else? Guava is my FAVE.


  • 30-Day Shred– A little on hold this week as I am prioritizing cardio and yoga, but plan to start it back up asap.
  • Yoga– I AM SO IN LOVE. It calms me when I need calming, makes me feel strong when I feel weak, and rejuvenates me like nothing else. Wow. I love Hatha, Power, everything I’ve tried. I’m easy, I guess 🙂


The winner is….

Will you go out with me? Check yes or no.

Will you go out with me? Check yes or no.

BLACK AND WHITE!!! SO FREAKING AMAZING. My mom and I were simply waxing petic on this tasty morsel of heaven. I hope we meet again… The red velvet was good too, but really only because the cream cheese frosting was divine and that was mostly what you tasted.


  • PB and Co Dark Chocolate Dreams coming as soon as finals end
  • PB and Co Cinnamon Raisin Swirl is next on my agenda!

Ok, time for me to actually research Zero Tolerance in schools, read about Non-Profit Management, and hydrate some more.

Also, I am still reading your blogs- just not commenting much. I hope to be back soon 🙂 Thanks y’all!


I am considering a heart rate monitor or GPS. Any recommendations?? Which do you prefer?


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