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Wrote this yesterday, apparently forgot to hit “publish”– OOPS!


Today I did not:

  1. Run myself into the ground
  2. Count calories
  3. Feel guilty for anything I did or ate
  4. Take pics of my food- I want to focus on just listening to my body first

Today I did:

  1. Listen to my body’s physical needs (Yoga)
  2. Listen to my body’s nourishment needs (Eating what I wanted, stopping when full)

I feel great today- more energized and in a happier place- and it’s just day 1! I am excited to continue this and write more on what it’s like to…LET GO and care for my body in a loving, affectionate, gentle way.

Tomorrow I have lots of class, free lunch (always interesting), and a slow run with a friend.

How were you affectionate with yourself today?

Daily Joy: “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat (yes… it only took 3.5 years, but Lemur and I FINALLY have a song [blushing])


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