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Quick update from the land of Juli and her mom!

Today we had oatbran again (mmm) then we went on a tough five mile hike. It was awesome to spend time with my mom and in such a beautiful place. We then came back and I worked while she cleaned my entire apartment! Granted it’s teensy, but still, I am so grateful.

We then went to lunch at this great high-end Whole-Foods-esque market for lunch. I noshed on a Sesame Tofu and grilled veggie salad while she had a turkey, avocado, and tomato baguette.


Hi Mom! She thought she had stuff in her teeth...

Hi Mom! She thought she had stuff in her teeth...

Then we shopped in the market and we each got treats.

Her treats-

KIND bars and Luna White Chocolate Macadamia!

KIND bars and Luna White Chocolate Macadamia!

She loves the KIND bars and the Luna bars. In her words, when she tried the Luna, “Oh no. This is too good.” Hehehe.

My treats (I AM SO EXCITED!)-


This place had Mighty Maple and Bees Knees! I want to try them now but I’m waiting since I had an even better treat coming up. I also was psyched to find a Peanut Butter Chocolate Luna cookie! Didn’t even know they existed.

Then- we got US a treat!

Sprinkles Cupcakes!

Sprinkles Cupcakes!

Sprinkles cupcakes! Clockwise from bottom left: Black and White, Red Velvet, and Cinnamon Sugar. My mom loves cupcakes and couldn’t pick one- so we decided to have a sampler 🙂 So good for the soul! (Sadly not vegan for my vegan friends out there…but maybe the flavors will provide inspiration, hehe, for say, a cupcake blondie? 😉 )

Now to crank out some work! Hope your day is as filled with treats as mine has been!

Which flavor cupcake should we try first? What is your favorite type of cupcake?


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