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Well, it’s officially finals time here at Stanford- whoop whoop. So it’s miraculous I’m posting at all. That’s just how much I love you guys.

So- in my study snacking I have found two things that I absolutely adore:

The first:

Weird, because I really hate Fig Newtons

Weird, because I really hate Fig Newtons

FIGS! I love these things– and I thought I would hate them because I never liked Fig Newtons growing up. Here is a glamor shot of my new b-fri:

You're lookin' good!

You're lookin' good!

And… now… for the most delicious discovery of the YEAR (bold claim, but I’ll stick with it):

NO LACTASE!!!!!!!!!

NO LACTASE!!!!!!!!!

Goat cheese is okay for people who are lactards! YAY! I can feel so decadent and my belly doesn’t say “No NO NO!” Glorious.

Alright back to the books (er… actually going to go on a hike…).

No worries— I have consumed a lot of Peanut Butter in the past week. A. LOT. Like… a whole jar of this. Which was awesome expensive delish 🙂 Gotta fuel that brain!

Question: Anyone do Bikram? How many times a week do you do it? I’m usually “yoga-ed out” for a day or two after an intense session.

Daily Joy- early morning run/bike ride to the grocery store 🙂


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My eats today were pretty standard awesome.





1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/3 banana, 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese, cinnamon, 1 T grapenuts, 2 T Zoe’s Raisin Granola, 1 T drizzled White Chocolate Wonderful. It took me an hour to finish! So delicious and filling– and pretty. I love all the different textures going on. Totally my breakfast for right now.

Then my boyfriend and I went to the gym where I cranked out 75 minutes of cardio, clocking 551 calories burned. Woohoo bikini challenge 🙂 I love having my HRM, but it kept acting up on the treadmills- it would drop to 55-70, when it was really in the 140-160s. I have an F6 so it shouldn’t have cross-talk. Any ideas? I didn’t have this issue on any other machines, but it happened on 3 different treadmills (different models, even). It was really bizarre (and a little annoying).

What wasn’t annoying was my post-workout eat (which my boyfriend LOOOVES and my sister is going to try!!):

A Green Monster Smoothie Milkshake:


It was so thick and milkshakey, I did what any true milkshake lover would do, I topped that bad boy with some whip cream:



In the mix: 2 cups spinach, 1 cup light plain soy milk, 1 scoop designer chocolate whey protein powder, 1 T flax seeds, 1/3 banana handfull each of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I am so in love with this and it is so ridiculously filling.

I updated and revised my resumes today. It was relatively time consuming, but necessary. I have a job fair tomorrow and I know I need to step up my job-hunting in the next few months. WISH ME LUCK 🙂

Hope everyone had a glorious weekend. The weather here in the Bay Area has been perfect: low-70s and sunny. Mmmmm.

What is your perfect weather?

Daily Joy: Working out with my boy.

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As I mentioned in my last post I find it difficult to post everyday, as I have a crazy schedule right now (lots of travelling- two week spring breaks are the best!).  I am also in the middle of trying to figure out my life next year. I’m kinda really type-A and want to know everything early and to PLAN AHEAD and have all my ducks in a nice row long before I have to. For several reasons that isn’t possible right now, and I am learning the hard lesson of letting life unfold. So please pray for us that things work out 🙂 We need all the positive thoughts we can get!

Without further ado here are some Baking delights and some eats–

My sister sent me a package in the mail a week or so ago. I opened it and found a ziplock bag of mush. It was actually yeast! She had sent me Amish friendship bread, so for the next ten days, my little sack of yeast came with me as I mushed the bag every day and added to it, etc.

Finally, it was day 10 and time to make the friendship bread!


There they are baking away- getting HUGE! I don’t have bread pans 😦 But I made muffins and mini muffins instead– here is how they turned out:


Mini-muffins! YUM! The bread is cinnamon and sugary. Very unhealthy, but DIVINE 🙂 I hope some of you get some in the mail!

The next morning I had oatbran with skim milk and peanut butter. I am loving the PB drizzle- I heat the PB in the microwave to get a nice drizzle:


Then, unexpectedly, I had to rush out of town, but I was able to grab this sucker on the way out the door:


Perfect Foods Carob Chip. So delicious- even my boyfriend liked it!

Here are the stats (if you can see them):


This deliciousness held me for awhile… mmmm…

Later I bought this:



I am loving this puppy. It’s interesting though- I have now done two workouts with it- a 4+ mile run and P90X Plyometrics, and for each I would have thought I burned a ton more calories than I did. I’m glad to have this as a “reality check” to how much I am burning and need to refuel. Plus, it definitely made me realize why I may have struggled dropping weight in the past and excelled at putting on the pounds- TOTALLY thinking I burn more than I do!

This morning for breakfast we were at my boyfriend’s parents’ house and his Mama made us Dutch babies for breakfast: dscn1508

I tried to get his Chocolate Lab in the pic who was hiding under the table hoping for a bite! We also had a side of fruit:


I could only eat half the Dutch Baby (it’s essentially 3 eggs, flour, and milk- so heavy!) but all my fruit 🙂

Unsure what I’ll do for dinner- my appetite has been a bit off with stress and a sore throat. I’m thinking a stirfry sounds fabulous! Then we’re off to San Fran for a night out 🙂

Have a great Saturday night!

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Hey y’all! I’m back from Oregon and will be here for the next few months 🙂

I got back yesterday to not one, but TWO packages!

First one:



Zoe’s Sampler pack!

Box 2:

Inside this box:

VitaBrownie, VitaTops, VitaMuffins oh my!

VitaBrownie, VitaTops, VitaMuffins oh my!

In the box: VitaBrownies, VitaTops (Chocolate Fig, Triple Chocolate, Deep Chocolate, PB Chocolate) and Chocolate VitaMuffins.

That should last me a while! YUM!

This morning I tried to recreate my delicious breakfast I had at my grandmas:

Beautiful to behold, Delish to eat

Beautiful to behold, Delish to eat

1/3 cup oats, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, cinnamin, sprinkle of Kashi grape-nut-esque cereal, sprinkle of Zoe Cinnamin Raisin granola, drizzle of Maple PB.

SO YUM. And FYI- Zoe’s granola is AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to try the other flavors!

I needed to go to the gym, but I was lacking energy, so I had my FAVORITE pre-workout kick:

FRS low-cal Orange Concentrate

FRS low-cal Orange Concentrate

You mix 2-oz concentrate with 6-oz water, and it’s delicious and nutritious. I can definitely tell when I drink this before a workout- gives me a great energy boost. It has some caffeine, and B-vitamins. Love it.

Ran 5 miles in 41:14 on the treadmill. Glad to knock it out. I came home and am going to go hiking with a friend so I made a delicious Green Monster Smoothie Shake:

Better N' Beer

Better N' Beer

Sorry it’s sideways. My computer lied to me and said it was the right way. Let’s pretend it’s correct.

The texture was unbelievable- I ate it with a spoon!

Can you see how thick it is??

Can you see how thick it is??

Like a milkshake- so wonderful.

In the mix:

1 cup light soymilk, 1 scoop Chocolate Whey Protein Powder, 1 T Flax, 1.5 Cups Spinach, handfulls of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries.

I finished off my lunch with a pice of light bread with White Chocolate Wonderful PB. Yum 🙂

Have a great day!

Question of the Day:

If you have a blog, how long does it take you each day? I find that it can take me a while!

Daily Joy: Biking to the gym with the sun warming me.

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Hope everyone is enjoying a fantastic Saturday!

Here is the pic of Pork & Apple Pie:

Tastes way better than it sounds or looks

Tastes way better than it sounds or looks

Last night while my boy ate Pork and Apple Pie, he asked if I would bike with him to the gym, work out, and bike back. Of course I agreed! So this morning I munched on two of these:


Then we hit the sidewalk. We biked about 43:30, got to my apartment (which is right by the gym). At this point I was HUNGRY so I had a snack-

Half of this

Half of this

1/2 0% Greek Yogurt + 1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein powder

1/2 0% Greek Yogurt + 1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein powder

I love my protein powder, greek yogurt combo- like chocolate pudding- except protein-alicious!

Then we walked half mile to the gym, did 30 minutes of weights, 30 minutes of elliptical, walked a half mile back. By this time we were REALLY hungry, so I made us a green monster! HE LOVED IT!!

He almost finished it before I could snap a pic

He almost finished it before I could snap a pic

In the mix: cup spinach, 2 T Dark Chocolate Dreams, 1 scoop Chocolate Whey Protein powder, 1 cup light plain soy milk, 1/2 banana, 3 strawberries, 1/4 cup blue berries, 1 T flax seeds. He had about 3/4 and I had the rest and some golean with soy milk (not pictured) and the other half of my greek yogurt with protein powder. We then headed back and made it home in about 38 minutes. We had no idea how far we biked, so I plugged it in mapmyrun.com and it turned out to be 14.4 miles! Holy cow. So much fun 🙂

I snacked on this bar:


I love it!! It tasted like peanut butter!!! So full of good fats and protein and I can read all the ingredients. I think it’s love. Definitely a meal replacement, but a worthy one. The boy snacked on Pork & Apple Pie (I snuck some too), then my hunger came screaming back and I had some Quaker WeightControl Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal.

Halfway through- you can see evidence on the side of the bowl

Halfway through- you can see evidence on the side of the bowl

Sigh. I love that stuff. I haven’t had it in months, but I found a packet I had left over here, and it’s such a wonderful and filling snack!

In a little bit I’m heading to a natural yogurt place for “appetizers” with one of my friends 🙂 They sell Zico and I’m psyched to try one!

What is your favorite post-workout treat? Mine would have to be a green monster!

Daily Joy: Biking down a tree lined street with the spring air and soft sun with my boyfriend right next to me.

What was your joy today?

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Okay, regular post…. GO!


In the mix: 1/2 cup oat bran, scoop Designer Whey Chocolate protein, 1/4 banana, 1/2 T Maple PB

So good, so filling, and a delicious way to start Friday.So y’all, my workout on Tuesday has totally killed my body. Every, I mean EVERY, muscle aches, from my tummy, to my neck, to my legs. Holy cow. Note to self: NEVER DO 7 MILES OF SPRINT INTERVALS AGAIN. I somehow managed to slowly bike to the gym to do a SLOOOOOOW 4 miles with just four uphills at a quicker (i.e. my usual) pace. I did it, it felt great, although my knee was a little rickety 😦 When I got back, all I wanted in the world was a delicious, nutricious, green monster:

Just turn your head to the left...

Just turn your head to the left...

In the mix: cup frozen spinach, cup light plain soy milk, scoop designer chocolate protein, 1/2 banana, 1 T flax seeds. DELICIOUS! Sorry it’s sideways, I’m too lazy to fix it – spring break has gotten to my head. hehehe.

I had a busy day of doing… nothing 🙂 Love spring break! I am reading People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks and am really enjoying it! It is so nice to read for fun. Also today one of my former first graders called me to see where I was and to tell me she was working hard in 2nd grade. It really made my day to have her call me.  She asked if I was being a good student and I said, “Yes, but I have so much reading!” She says, “Tell me about it!” HAHA so amazing. I miss my babies (i.e. students) so much, but I’m not sure the classroom is where I belong right now… we’ll see.

Tonight for my boy I made him some Pork and Apple Pie- it’s a delicious and filling recipe that we love. He grew up eating it. I’ll take pics and add them tomorrow- it takes a while to cook. By the time it’s out I’ll be tired of already blogging twice in one night.

While I was uploading pics from Vegas from my boyfriend’s camera, I found these gems (i.e. me doing something he finds hilarious)

Ready for Dinner!

Ready for Dinner!

This was one night- I was SO hungry I didn’t even take off my backpack when cooking up dinner… and yes, it was kale… yum.

I forgot my hand weights

I forgot my hand weights

I was doing Jillian’s Level 2 at his place and forgot my 3lb weights. The weights on the floor are 25 lbs each!! Yikes!! He kept laughing at me, but no worries y’all, I stayed focused 🙂

What is something that you do that your close friends/family/s.o. think is hilarious?

At the end of each post I want to write a Daily Joy. When my father was ill he told us to try to find the joy in each day. I want to keep doing that. So, at the end of each blog I will write my daily joy.

Daily Joy: Lying on the couch with the spring sun coming in my window reading a good book (and my student calling me:) )

What was your joy today?

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Hello World,

I’m back from Vegas and we had so much fun! We left up $20 🙂 And I was able to get my daily PB fix thanks to Justin’s natural PB packs!

I am pretty tired from lack of sleep and an insane 7.75 mile run this morning- I went a little interval crazy. I meant to do just 4 miles, but clearly kept on going. I have a gazillion posts to catch up on, but I hope to be back to full blogging force soon.

30-Day Shred Challenge is in limbo- hard to do with no computer, no dvd player, and no weights.

Yoga Challenge is in better shape- gotta love uploading it onto my Shuffle and doing it before bed 🙂

Anyone ever have a Kashi Roll? I absolutely love them!


PB and Jules

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