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So I owe the blogging community somewhat of an explanation. I disappeared.

I could sum it up with this picture:


But really so much more has happened in my life– especially regarding fitness and working out.

After I graduated in mid-June with my Masters in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies, I went straight to Los Angeles to work with an education non-profit training new teachers. I knew it would be rigorous (I had gone through the training myself), but as an advisor I was working 6 days a week from 6 am until 10 pm. I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. I am still stunned at how I was able to keep it up for 6 weeks.

I loved my job, I loved seeing my teachers grow in the classroom and their students learn so much so fast. But my body was hurting. As a vegetarian, who is lactose intolerant and allergic to almonds, cashews, and pistachios, eating was tough. All our meals were provided for us, and my options were limited. Normally eating whole grains, veggies, and fruit, I was now eating white carbs: bagels, cookies, and a TON of cereal. And caffeine, gallons of coffee and gallons of diet coke. I inevitably began to gain some weight, as I was stressed, sleep deprived, and malnourished. All I craved was instant fake energy, instead of what I know truly gives me sustained energy: whole, fresh, organic food.

Luckily the other members on my team highly valued working out. So every morning we woke up at 4:30am to go for a quick run and some cross training.  So while I stayed marginally in shape, my eating habits deteriorated rapidly.

My job in LA ended on July 31. The next day, August 1st, I began my teaching job in Washington, DC.

This is when things began to get really rough… and this is where I will pick up again for Part 2.

What foods do you  reach for when you are exhausted?


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