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My eats today were pretty standard awesome.





1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/3 banana, 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese, cinnamon, 1 T grapenuts, 2 T Zoe’s Raisin Granola, 1 T drizzled White Chocolate Wonderful. It took me an hour to finish! So delicious and filling– and pretty. I love all the different textures going on. Totally my breakfast for right now.

Then my boyfriend and I went to the gym where I cranked out 75 minutes of cardio, clocking 551 calories burned. Woohoo bikini challenge 🙂 I love having my HRM, but it kept acting up on the treadmills- it would drop to 55-70, when it was really in the 140-160s. I have an F6 so it shouldn’t have cross-talk. Any ideas? I didn’t have this issue on any other machines, but it happened on 3 different treadmills (different models, even). It was really bizarre (and a little annoying).

What wasn’t annoying was my post-workout eat (which my boyfriend LOOOVES and my sister is going to try!!):

A Green Monster Smoothie Milkshake:


It was so thick and milkshakey, I did what any true milkshake lover would do, I topped that bad boy with some whip cream:



In the mix: 2 cups spinach, 1 cup light plain soy milk, 1 scoop designer chocolate whey protein powder, 1 T flax seeds, 1/3 banana handfull each of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I am so in love with this and it is so ridiculously filling.

I updated and revised my resumes today. It was relatively time consuming, but necessary. I have a job fair tomorrow and I know I need to step up my job-hunting in the next few months. WISH ME LUCK 🙂

Hope everyone had a glorious weekend. The weather here in the Bay Area has been perfect: low-70s and sunny. Mmmmm.

What is your perfect weather?

Daily Joy: Working out with my boy.


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As I mentioned in my last post I find it difficult to post everyday, as I have a crazy schedule right now (lots of travelling- two week spring breaks are the best!).  I am also in the middle of trying to figure out my life next year. I’m kinda really type-A and want to know everything early and to PLAN AHEAD and have all my ducks in a nice row long before I have to. For several reasons that isn’t possible right now, and I am learning the hard lesson of letting life unfold. So please pray for us that things work out 🙂 We need all the positive thoughts we can get!

Without further ado here are some Baking delights and some eats–

My sister sent me a package in the mail a week or so ago. I opened it and found a ziplock bag of mush. It was actually yeast! She had sent me Amish friendship bread, so for the next ten days, my little sack of yeast came with me as I mushed the bag every day and added to it, etc.

Finally, it was day 10 and time to make the friendship bread!


There they are baking away- getting HUGE! I don’t have bread pans 😦 But I made muffins and mini muffins instead– here is how they turned out:


Mini-muffins! YUM! The bread is cinnamon and sugary. Very unhealthy, but DIVINE 🙂 I hope some of you get some in the mail!

The next morning I had oatbran with skim milk and peanut butter. I am loving the PB drizzle- I heat the PB in the microwave to get a nice drizzle:


Then, unexpectedly, I had to rush out of town, but I was able to grab this sucker on the way out the door:


Perfect Foods Carob Chip. So delicious- even my boyfriend liked it!

Here are the stats (if you can see them):


This deliciousness held me for awhile… mmmm…

Later I bought this:



I am loving this puppy. It’s interesting though- I have now done two workouts with it- a 4+ mile run and P90X Plyometrics, and for each I would have thought I burned a ton more calories than I did. I’m glad to have this as a “reality check” to how much I am burning and need to refuel. Plus, it definitely made me realize why I may have struggled dropping weight in the past and excelled at putting on the pounds- TOTALLY thinking I burn more than I do!

This morning for breakfast we were at my boyfriend’s parents’ house and his Mama made us Dutch babies for breakfast: dscn1508

I tried to get his Chocolate Lab in the pic who was hiding under the table hoping for a bite! We also had a side of fruit:


I could only eat half the Dutch Baby (it’s essentially 3 eggs, flour, and milk- so heavy!) but all my fruit 🙂

Unsure what I’ll do for dinner- my appetite has been a bit off with stress and a sore throat. I’m thinking a stirfry sounds fabulous! Then we’re off to San Fran for a night out 🙂

Have a great Saturday night!

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